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JustForLittles Wholesale Information

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What Is JustForLittles?

A clothing brand.

JustForLittles is a children's clothing brand. Our woman owned clothing company designs custom, high quality, small batch clothing. Every piece embracing the magic of childhood.


What is your mission?


JustForLittles believes in the magic and wonder of childhood. We believe in spreading joy with products that embrace childhood but we refuse to give up quality and comfort. 


Is JustForLittles a retail or wholesale company?


JustForLittles is a retail and wholesale company. We sell our amazing products directly to customers and we also sell our products at wholesale prices to other stores.


Do you have a Facebook wholesale group?

Yes! Join us!


How often do new products come out?

Every week!

Every Wednesday at 9 AM CST the website loads new items available for purchase retail or wholesale.


Do you charge shipping on wholesale orders?


Always FREE SHIPPING includes wholesale orders.


Where do products ship from?


All our orders ship from our Minnesota warehouse.


What makes JFL products unique?



-Custom prints and design.

-Small batch.

-Super soft!

-Full circle twirl skirt.


-Wash/wear and enjoy for years.


What is the "JFL Way"?

Buy what you need, when you need it.

No start-up fees or required start-up packages, no monthly minimums, no blind boxes or products you know your customer base doesn't buy. You only buy what you need, when you need it.


What is the minimum wholesale purchase?

$200 minimum

Per industry standard the privilege of buying wholesale is dependent on a minimum purchase. Our minimum is $200.


How often do approved wholesalers need to order?

There is no requirement.

JustForLittles wants you to only buy what you need for your store, when you need it. You know your market best.


Can I sell JFL products with other products?


The brands you choose to carry in your store is 100% up to you. We love watching some of the pairings our retailers come up with. 

What are the care instructions?

Simply wash cold hand dry.

To get the longest life out of any garment washing cold and hanging dry is the best practice.


How long does it take for orders to ship?

1-3 days

We ship all retail and wholesale orders in 1-3 business days.

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